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We’ve been refining precious metals to the highest standards for over 120 years.

How to buy bullion

Buying bullion is easy, you just need to register an account and then you can place an order either online or by phone. If in Perth, Western Australia, you can buy bullion over the counter in our shop.

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Login or create an online account, select your products and then checkout.

Depository program at The Perth Mint.

Call 1800 098 817 from Australia, (61 8) 9421 7218 from overseas. 

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Our bullion trading room in The Perth Mint Shop is available for in-person buying and selling.

When buying bullion from The Perth Mint, you are transacting with an internationally respected precious metals specialist, recognised for offering gold, silver and platinum bullion manufactured to the highest standards. 

It’s easy to open an online account

To buy bullion online from The Perth Mint, you will need to either register an account or upgrade your existing account if this is your first bullion purchase. To complete the process you will need your credit card details and you may need your identification documents (ID) too. The process varies depending on the account type and country but we will guide you through the process.

1. Account holder details

Provide details including individual or company name, address, date of birth, director’s details and contact details. 

2. Credit card details 

Complete the Contract Completion Guarantee, which includes providing us with your credit card details.

3. ID verification

For orders of AUD 2,000 or more you will need to provide details of key identification documents such as driver’s licence or passport (document requirements vary from country to country and account type).

4. Terms and Conditions

Read and agree to our Terms and Conditions.

5. Buy bullion

We notify you when your account is ready for buying bullion.

Secure storage for your bullion

The Perth Mint Depository offers a number of options to let you buy and store precious metals in our secure vaults. 

The Perth Mint Depository - secure storage

Need more information?

If you need more information about how to buy bullion from The Perth Mint, you can check out our frequently asked questions or contact our customer care team by phone or email.