3000x any heightFinal gold pouring

See gold melt

Be mesmerised as gold melts before your eyes - a highlight for world tourists.

Watch a live gold pour

Experience the wonder of liquid gold turning into a solid gold bar in our historic original melting house.

A highlight of our The Perth Mint Gold Tour, this attraction takes you back in time where you can imagine what it was like when our melting house was in full swing from 1899 until 1990 when operations moved to a larger refinery near Perth Airport.

Be amazed at how hot the furnace must get to melt the gold and how quickly liquid gold turns into a solid bar while you watch on.

Did you know?

The pots used to hold the gold while it melts are called crucibles. Made from clay graphite, they only last about two weeks due to the high temperatures to which they are heated. Almost a third of an ounce of gold is recovered from each crucible when they are crushed by our refinery. 

Watching a gold pour at  The Perth Mint.

Raising the gold bar

Our 200oz gold bar has found fame after being melted 49 times a week since our gold exhibition opened in December 1993.  Despite the severe treatment the bar is still more than pure. Come and see what thousands around the globe are talking about.

A gold bar at The Perth Mint.